Advertiser FAQ

What costs are involved with joining the iGain Network? Does it cost to join the iGain network?

There are no start-up costs associated with joining the iGain network. Advertisers can complete a quick sign up form from our Home Page – and a dedicated client services manager will follow up with you shortly. There is absolutely no cost until a publisher starts running one of your ads.

How long will it take to get my offer up and running?

After review of your site and offer, which typically takes 24 – 72 hours, your offer can be up and running in as little 24 hours. Sine the iGain affiliate network populates all of the tracking codes needed for publishers to start earning, all we will need from you is text or banner creative, to load to the network.

How will iGain promote my ad campaign?

As soon as you create your campaign and make it live it is visible to all publishers in our network. All the newest campaigns are visible both on our affiliates’ home pages and on the iGain’s main page. We work with both our Advertisers and Publishers closely, and often proactively reach out to specific publishers to alert them about new campaigns.

How many ads can I run at once?

Advertisers are free to run as many ads as they want. There is no limit to the offers loaded or creative (banners, text) associated with each offer. In fact, when you provide more creative, it allows a publisher to customize your ad to their audience, or time of year.

What payment methods are available?

iGain makes it easy to pay for the success you have achieved. Once the invoice is triggered, iGain accepts checks and direct deposit/ACH payments. You can change your method of payment at any time within your account settings.

How can I drive the most traffic to my campaign?

iGain allows advertisers to track a wide range of statistics within a campaign. You will be able to track how individual publishers perform and adjust your offer accordingly to maximize your results. An iGain customer service representative is always available to answer any questions and help you fine-tune your ad campaign.

How does iGain ensure quality publishers and traffic?

iGain’s publishers go through a strict application process and each is approved manually by a Senior Affiliate Manager. We have developed an extensive database to flag sites for abuse and inappropriate content. All traffic that is sent to a campaign is monitored to ensure that our advertisers get only the high-quality traffic.

What are the best types of offers for the iGain network?

iGain’s network promotes advertisers, campaigns and offers in all categories. From shoes to surveys and mortgages to music, our publishers come from a wide range of backgrounds and expertise. Our client service team will consult with you to ensure we maximize results and match your offers with sites that make sense.

What does ``Pay for performance network`` mean?

iGain’s advertisers only pay only for campaigns that yield results. If a publisher runs an advertiser’s campaign and there are no actions (registrations, leads, or sales) there is no charge. Publishers get paid only when they generate a successful action.

Publisher FAQ

I want to be part of the iGain affiliate network. Why was not my application approved?

The most common reason that an application would be denied is if your company website appears to be non-functioning, it does not support the traffic type or the site contains offensive or objectionable material. All companies are checked to make sure they are legitimate businesses and haven’t been flagged previously in our system. If you feel that a mistake has been made, please contact customer service and we will be happy to work with you to remedy the situation.

I am running an iGain offer, how can I track what I have earned? How often do I get paid?

Using our reporting system campaign performance statistics can be tracked in real-time by logging in to your account and clicking on “Statistics” tab in the menu. Click on the appropriate campaign, select the date range and run the report. In order to receive payment, you must have a minimum of $50.00 in your account. Partners who have at least $50.00 in their account will be paid on a weekly basis. Depending on your selection payments can be made via check or Direct Deposit/ACH.

What is an affiliate network? What size companies do you work with?

An affiliate network is a marketplace for advertisers to market their services and expand their customer base and for publishers to generate revenue from their websites. Affiliate networks can be general or highly targeted. The affiliate network makes a small commission on each transaction to generate revenue. iGain works with all sized companies, from Fortune 500 to start-ups. iGain maintains no start-up or set-up fees and no monthly minimums. We have helped many companies grow by increasing their revenue by monetizing their current traffic.

I am a publisher, can I also be an advertiser?

Yes, you can create campaigns as an advertiser and then also run other companies’ campaigns on your own site. This is an excellent way to increase your brand awareness and generate new revenue. You must sign up separately as an Advertiser.

Users are being sent to a different offer- Why is this happening?

When an offer has expired the Advertiser re-directs the link to a working offer. Please check the expiration date and replace the old link with one featuring a new offer.

What is CTR. EPC, CPC, CPA or CPS stand for?

CTR: Click Through Rate is calculated by dividing the number of times your offer is presented (banner, text link, etc…) and has been viewed by the number of times it was clicked. EPC: Earnings Per Click is determined by dividing the total commissions earned by the number of clicks. CPC, CPA and CPS are different variations on how you can earn revenue. CPC: Cost Per Click, CPA: Cost Per Acquisition and CPS: Cost Per Sale.

I was not approved for a campaign I want to run. Why?

Each advertiser sets the criteria for their campaign. Publishers who would like to run a particular campaign are individually approved by the advertiser at their discretion. Many times, the decision is based on the content of the website, if there is material the Advertiser feels does not fit with their campaign, they will reject the offer.

What traffic types are allowed at iGain?

Unlike many other affiliate network sites, iGain allows all types of traffic including: search traffic, display (banners that contain text, logos, images and/or videos or text-only links), email, network, CPA, and contextual.

I am running an offer that is not preforming well. What should I do?

When an offer is underperforming you can try several different solutions. Changing the incentive, text, or images in your offer can greatly change conversion rates. Try creating several different offers within a campaign to see how people react to the different ads; this is often the best way to determine the ideal offer that will convert. If your offer still doesn’t perform the way you’d like, feel free to contact an iGain consultant at customer support for guidance.

How does iGain ensure quality offers?

Each offer is evaluated by an iGain consultant to ensure that the advertiser is reputable. Advertiser websites are checked against a database of known problem sites and contact information is verified before any offers can be posted in our network.

I am new to affiliate marketing how do I get started?

Advertisers and publishers can sign up through the iGain homepage. This is a simple process where we collect contact and company information to verify that you are a legitimate company that has not been flagged in our database. Once your company has been verified, you can begin creating campaigns and/or running offers on your site. If you have any difficulty iGain customer support is happy to help you through the process.

I want to run an offer on iGain, how much volume can I expect?

Each offer will have a different traffic volume depending on the type of offer and the number of publishers that pick it up. By trying different configurations of offers and incentives, you will be able to determine the best performing offer.